Some note on C++ references

The way I see it, & operator in C++ have 2 different meanings.

#####1) Put another label on storage

int a = 10; 
int& b = a; // put label 'b' over storage of 'a'

Or this

void func(int &b) {
   // do not copy 
   // just use the same storage as passed parameter under label 'b'

void main() {
   int a = 10; 

Either case, nothing is copied. A single storage is given more than one names and compiler treats them the same.

With this meaning, & appears on left side of a statement.

#####2) Get address of a variable

int a = 10; 
int *b = &a; //get address of a, copy it to b

In this case, memory address of a is copied to b storage.

This case, & operator appears on right side of a statement.