This is an introduction in the making.

Part of a never ceasing living process, we move around absorbing free energy, metabolizing and contributing to the ever rising entropy. As a result, the way we see ourselves are constantly tested and redefined. It’s not only hard but also limiting to make up an identity of a person. Say, an engineer cares deeply about system performance but should she/he gives it priority over time-to-market and flexibility of change? There is no fixed answer, and one must not make decision only because it plays along with her/his self-description. Since we are a collection of contradicting (sometimes random and inexplicable) thoughts, we often find ourselves surprised looking at past events and past thoughts wondering was that the same person as we are now. That change process is fun to look at. And to observe change, we record. This blog is for that purpose. So it is just rambling from another dust speck in a vast and indifferent world. But in such a world, any perceived importance would be subjective and free willed.