You said not to date anyone with an unhappy childhood. You said unhappy time leave marks on people ever since their early age. It casts its shadow on their relationships, handicaps their ability to care and express feelings. The past would always exist in how they behave without them being aware of it.

You said one may feel the urge to be loving angel to heal the wounded inner child. But you also said you tried and failed at it.

You also said, unhappy-childhood people should look for unhappy-childhood partners. Happy-childhood people should look for happy-childhood ones. It’s the matter of compatibility. A pair of chopsticks should be of equal length, be it short or long.

When I think about it, I don’t know if I had always been the happy one. Maybe. Maybe not. As childhood progresses towards adolescence, one slowly become more aware of the imperfections of the surrounding once-authoritative adults. So childhood happiness is like a declining linear function. Which category should I put myself into?