Often, I found myself looking back at past decisions and puzzled by the motivation leading to it. My memory (or maybe most people’s) is better at recording facts than emotion and experiences. I may remember cancelling a meeting because I did not feel well. But the next day, the actual feeling of not being well faded. And we look at the same event from a different state of being, which makes the whole reason look like a bad excuse, a symptom of self-indulgence. Or I may remember leaving a long queue in front of a grilled chicken stall because I didn’t want to wait for another half hour. But I don’t remember how long is half an hour to me then, or how already tired I was.

So, stuffs may look lot easier when they ‘re already in the past, giving us the illusion of we could’ve done better, or should’ve tried harder. Probably, yes. But if one does give up, he has good reason to. He just does not remember it well.

So, be nice to yourself, even if the you now think you could’ve done better.